The Power of being present

In his extraordinary book The Power of Now, Eckhart Tolle warns about becoming attached to any words "they are stepping stones, to be left behind as quickly as possible."  He is clearly suggesting that there is an intelligence that can be found in the one 1000th of an inch of a cell with enough DNA to fill 1000 books of 800 pages.  In other words, we know so little about how to access our innate human ability to connect with that intelligence.

Tolle suggest that human pain unnecessary and to a large extent self created.  For the most part is created in the unconscious, it is the unobserved mind keeping us attached to the mind forms thinking dualistic notions as in right and wrong, life and death, which all cause fear, anxiety and in extreme cases ultimately war.

On the other hand, being present, observing and in a state of "Wu Wei", doing nothing as in meditation connects us to the complete the undivided, not resisting and being completely transparent moves us beyond the mind and particularly the ego which is infact the real problem.  Beyond ego defenses and false masks one enters into the now, the present, the real and the authentic you.  "Only through being vulnerable can one discover your true individuality."