Personal Consultation

Each session begins with some gentle stretching, qi gong, and meditation. Then we will direct energy to physical or mental blockages based on individual patient needs. This subtle energy work is based on in-depth and dynamic psychology and traditional Chinese medicine. Sessions will end with an open dialogue to answers questions about patient wellness, discuss personal challenges and goals, and to create a plan for future practice. 

Art therapy sessions are also available.

$35 for 30-minute session
$80 for one-hour session

Workshops + Retreats

Workshops will be held to introduce individuals—in a group setting—to how the mind can be utilized to treat physical and non-physical conditions. Typically, these workshops are scheduled on weekends from 10am to 2pm. Workshops begin with a related lecture, question and answer session, and group dialogue. During group sessions, participants will learn the basic arts and science of cultivating energy including the art of standing mediation called wu chi, tai chi walking, and seated meditation. There will also be time to demonstrate external energy treatments for interested individuals.


Seminars will be held for individuals with some understanding of meditation practices and qi who wish to increase knowledge in how to cultivate energy and utilize external energy work, not only for themselves, but also for the healing of others. These events will run in 8 to 12 week intervals with a focus on the short form of tai chi—the practice of moving meditation.