Since the earliest stages of psychological development, humanity has been using the mind to heal mind, body, and spirit. So, in fact, Shamans, Cantadores, and preverbal Healers predate Western traditions by at least a hundred thousand years. And yet, mind/body medicine is just now finding its way back into Western Healthcare.

Mainestream Wellness’ goal is to restore mind/body healing arts and sciences into mainstream medicine. We believe that the mind is one of the first lines of defense against stress, disease, and the overall prevention of illness if utilized correctly in the healing process.

Dr. Shaw Sprague has combined in depth psychodynamic principals with the ancient art and science of China that uses what the National Institute of Health refers to as ‘Putative Subtle Energy’. The use of subtle energy work helps to restore balance in mind, body, and soul while decreasing the high risk and cost of more invasive treatments.

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